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There's something to be said about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and the new Z Fold5. It's in the way other reviewers talk about these devices; and I got beef with 'em! The up-and-coming foldables in the phone arena are competitive devices, even given the Samsung Fold series weight as being a not much heavier device compared to other phones; specifically, the iPhone Max series of devices, it's still being beat up on as a heavy device for a "smart phone." Reviewers giving such comments as "I wish it wasn't so heavy." GIVE ME A BREAK!

Here's the problem... this is an all-in-one device designed to replace your phone AND tablet. In some cases it has been compared to the iPad Mini. Why are not more reviewers comparing the Z Fold Series' weight to tablets RATHER THAN phones?

If this was the initial outlook given, Samsung may not have compromised due to influence and had gone all in, supplying the new "King of Phablets" with a built in S Pen, kept the taller design which the original Fold had, and maybe even gone a bit wider to match the Galaxy S Ultra line in footprint, which would have allowed for a larger battery, and given real-estate for the same camera modules as the Galaxy S Ultra Series. I think it's great that Samsung and other companies alike are taking in consideration of consumers thoughts, but influencers need to start thinking in other perspectives and put devices like the Z Fold Series in the proper category in which they belong. The way I see it... the Z Fold line is a tablet first and a phone second. However, if Samsung did make the Fold in the same size as the Galaxy S Ultra, then it would be a more well-balanced device capable of all kinds of tasks. This would also give Samsung a more competitive edge against companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo.

Unfortunately, for now the Fold5 is out and it's a spitting image of the Fold4. Maybe next year Samsung!

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